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“Deana is an extraordinary writer and performer. Her talents as a performing artist are breathtaking. She is also incredibly gifted at giving feedback, and has deep wisdom and insight into what make a piece work for the stage and the page.”
–Ann Randolph
“Deana‚Äôs classes are amazing. From the very first time I set foot in the theatre space with her and my classmates I felt safe to be completely myself. And the experience of these ten weeks have been incredible. Deana is both a warm and approachable person and teacher. She is very professional in the way she works, yet I have felt lovingly embraced in every class and outside of class communication. From the check-ins to the stage exercises to the guided meditations to writing, sharing, getting and giving feedback and then workshopping of our stories, Deana has been fully committed to having each student accomplish and move beyond their intentions for the 10 weeks of class. I think I have grown more in this ten weeks than at any other time in my life. Every class is an adventure-so much fun and filled with heart and accomplishments and breakthroughs for every student. The Unleash Your Story workshops have been a wildly freeing and deep experience in the learning of all aspects of storytelling.”
–Audrey Freudberg
“Deana Barone is an alchemist. She not only has but gives to you the tools to spin tales of deep authenticity that change your life on some mysterious level that reveals itself over the course of 10 weeks. You can not help but return because there is joy in discovery and true growth. “
–Joanna Folino
“Deana Barone approached me with a box of strawberries. “Try one. They’re sweet.” I realized two things from this: first, Deana commits 100% to a project, and second, she loves people and life and isn’t afraid to do anything that helps tell a story.

The occasion was pre-show at Santa Monica Rep’s 2013 WaveFest. Deana performed that night Lisa Kenner Grissom’s one-woman piece, Confessions of a Santa Monica 6th Lifer about a woman with a Santa Monica personal history to tell from her fruit and vegetable stand at the open market.

Afterwards, I looked her up on YouTube and found Deana telling stories using movement, voice, emotion, costume and, again, giving 100%. I learned she was originator and co-host of The Trunk Show , a monthly live storytelling show at the Elephant Theater in Hollywood. Checking her IMDB page, I found she’s acted in several movies and pilots.

So, when she offered a storytelling workshop, I signed up.

My six classmates had varied performing experience, but Deana created activities that kept everyone comfortable, interested and progressing. She convinced us that even what we experienced getting to the workshop that morning could be an interesting story in itself and could be performed onstage. She guided us through the experience of creating the story, making it a performance piece, rehearsing, and finally performing live before an audience. She showed us the amazing progress that can be made in one weekend if you are willing to commit and aren’t afraid to get up and tell your story.

To me, Deana is a great artist and wonderful guide into the world of story.”
–Jim Mueller

1. GENERATION: Warm ups, Improvisation, writing prompts, discussion, group support, and guided meditation serve to open the conduit so that the writer’s “voice” can flow in a compelling, purposeful, and authentic way. Players will generate new material in each romp. They will have fun, make mistakes, and communicate.

2. TECHNIQUE: Issues of memorization and stage fright will be addressed, with exercises to work through fears and “stuckness.” Relaxed activation will be explored and honed.

3. STRUCTURE: learn to structure your tale using “The Hero’s Journey,” and do exercises to articulate your thruline and take-home message. (you can use material generated in class or a story you’ve been working on).

4. PERFORMANCE: hone your ability to communicate to your audience. If you feel like there is a “scrim” between you and them, learn to reach through it and really interact with those and share your story. Those who choose to do so may participate in a performance at the end of the ten weeks.

WHO IS THIS FOR? Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced storytellers from all walks of life. If you have been at it for awhile and want to work on one particular thing, this will be a safe space to do so. If you’ve never been on a stage, you will find yourself in front of an audience by the end of the ten weeks. If you want to write a memoir or novel and have writer’s block, this will free you. If you want to discover your writer’s voice, expand the way you tell story, or connect with deep authenticity, this safe environment will allow you to harness your unique voice and transform your ideas for the page and the stage.

People interested in solo performance, memoir, essay and self-discovery are all welcome. All styles of storytelling encouraged.